IEEE Rochester Section Governance Issues 2012

The Bylaws

The IEEE Rochester Section is governed by written Bylaws:

Among the relevant passages are:

Art II Sec.1:

The elected officers of the Section shall be Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Chair of the Development and Awards Committee.

Art V Sec 1:

A Nominating Committee of three or more members, not then officers of the Section,.

Art V Sec 4 outlines timetable for the election process:



June EXCOM Meeting

Appointment of Nominating Committee

September 5

Submission of nominations by Nominating Committee to Newsletter Editor

October 1

Publication of nominations by Nominating Committee in Section Newsletter with invitation for other nominations by petition


The Section November Newsletter:

shows multiple issues.  Among them:

*         It contains the first disclosure of Nomination Committee report to members.  This should have occurred the previous month.  Yet petitions are already closed!

*         Only four nominations are listed.  Where is the fifth nomination: "Chair of the Development and Awards Committee"?

*         The Nominations Committee included Jean Kendrick, then Section Secretary.  An appointment specifically prohibited by the Bylaws.

*         There is mo fifth nominee.  Yet there was no call for volunteers.  Not even a hint that there was another position open.

The reason for no fifth nominee was that Jean Kendrick wanted the elected position for herself.  The Nominations Committee made a deal with its nominees, the future management, to appoint her after the election.  In reality the November Newsletter contained material misleading statements designed to cover up the hidden deal.

Issue Resolution Process

The Rochester Section is under IEEE Region One.  The Director is Peter Eckstein.  He first received notice of Bylaw violations on November 1st, 2012.  Within a couple of days he launched an investigation.  As of April 21st, 2013 he is still "investigating" the case. 

Alex Loui serves as Director Eckstein's choice for Area Chair.  The Area Chair acts with the authority of the Region Director in his absence.  Area Chair Loui chaired the Nominations Committee that violated the Bylaws.  He would have also been intimately aware of the side deal between the Nominations Committee and the management.

As of March 2013, IEEE employee and Managing Director, Jankowski sent a note to Director Eckstein with her findings that Bylaws indeed were violated.

As of April 1st, 2013 Director Eckstein still backs Area Chair Loui.

As of April 12th, 2013, IEEE President Staeker assigned Vice President of Member and Geographic Activities Ralph Ford to launch his own investigation.  His results are due on April 22nd, 2013.

On April 23rd, IEEE Vice President Ford issued a statement that found the issues true.  He no longer trusts the management of the IEEE Rochester Section to conduct  an election.  In issuing the statement it appears he bypassed Region Director Eckstein who had been sitting on the investigation for 5 months.  Director Eckstein has not acknowledged any wrong-doing on part of his Area Chair Loui.